Interior design ad Alessandria, Piemonte

An explosion of striking colors and technological materials in the new space on Via Bovio in Milan.

The newly renovated space covering 4000 square meters will be completed with a Boutique Hotel and restaurant. The exhibition will remain permanently and is worth a visit.
Paola Lenti is known all over the world for its highly innovative imprint on high-end Design fabrics and products, designed to harmonize the useful with the beautiful in interior projects and outdoor gardens or terraces.
The study of the characteristics of yarns and materials, have enabled the company to build over the years a wide range of technical fabrics specifically for the outdoors with endless color variations.

In the photo: Cristina Colla with Patrizia Scarzella, Journalist and Architect, Fiorella Villa Brand Strategy of Paola Lenti, Brigitte Fitoussi, Journalist and Architect