The place of privacy par excellence, body care, relaxation and well-being.

In our most recent realizations the bathroom is given starring attention. By proposing in many projects of the Atelier the best brands of bathroom furniture we manage to fully meet the expectations and desires of our most demanding clients.

What was classified as a “toilet service” throughout the twentieth century

It is the place of privacy par excellence, body care, relaxation and well-being. And precisely for this reason architects and designers are committed to its design in search of innovative solutions on an aesthetic, technological and functional level.
The bathroom is an added value, and apartments are often built or renovated with multiple bathrooms diversified by type and purpose: the master bathroom, linked to the main bedroom; the second bathroom, for children or guests; the service bathroom, which performs laundry functions.

Sanitary facilities

Sanitary fixtures, the toilet is the great protagonist of this family: borrowed from Japanese tradition, a technological and multifunctional closed toilet is also establishing itself in other countries.

As in this case, where a piece of furniture covers the bathroom fixtures with a particular lifting system that transforms the environment with a simple gesture.

The Shower

Shower, or rather shower environment: functional and possibly oversized protected by thermal glass and with a technologically designed shower head to guarantee maximum efficiency and water saving.

The choice of covering materials allows for a strong customization of the bathroom environment. To round off with beauty, designer radiators, ready-to-wear saunas and mirrors: many and of various sizes to to please the large crowd of contemporary daffodils.

Detail of the shower tray, custom-made from Vicenza stone, like the wall cladding. The furniture was made by our joinery.

The Taps

As regards the taps, in addition to the great attention to saving water, the return to the trio composed of the dispenser with 2 knobs for water, hot and cold, should be noted.

SEN faucet by Agape, VIEQUES washbasin by Agape, Patricia Urquiola cabinet.