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“‘Making Extraordinary’ is the result of the synergy between company, designers, research and coexistence of rationality and emotion, strong of the company philosophy ‘100% Made in Italy’.” TREP+ is synonymous with guarantee and high quality in the field of furniture doors. A door that in the home is a symbol of openness, conviviality, sharing, but also of privacy, intimacy and confidentiality. Always attentive to the philosophy behind the object, TREP+ has chosen some of the best designers on the national and international scene to create doors with a strong personality. Among the most important realizations: “REVER” design Cini Boeri, “MILANO” design Luca Scacchetti, “CONVEX” design F.A. Porsche, “PAVILION-PLANUS-CONTINUUM” design Antonio Citterio, “Idea” design Daniel Libeskind.